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The Top 3 Characteristics of a Good Home Care Agency Employer

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The Top 3 Characteristics of a Good Home Care Agency Employer


Caregiving is hard work, and the people who do it often do so because they are called to the service of others. Some people learned caregiving at home by taking care of unwell relatives while others seem to come by it completely naturally. However, when looking to start or pursue a career in caregiving, it takes more than dedication and natural talent.


You also need a great agency to work with, one that will help you work with the clients, build and maintain care plans, and offer career advancement training and opportunities as you grow in skill and ability. When looking for an agency to work with, you’re looking for a team that can simultaneously support you and gives you the freedom to make the right choices for your clients. Here are three clear signs that you’ve found a good agency with your needs as well as the clients’ in mind.


1) In-Line Training


Caregiving is one of those unique industries where you can start with almost nothing but personal experience from home and build this start into an incredibly skilled and certified career. This is because the services range from companionship and light housework to serious medical assistance in post-hospital and hospice situations. As you get more experienced on the job, it’s important that your agency be able to offer opportunities to build your skills, certifications, and pay grade qualifications on the job.


This ensures that even if you already have your schedule packed tightly, you still have the ability to seek advancement in the caregiving career gaining prestige, respect, ability, and the opportunity for raises and promotions which is what all people want from a career.


2) Watch Those Hours


Caregivers work hard, and while this is fantastic for the clients, it is also often taken for granted. In situations where there aren’t enough caregivers, especially for dementia care patients who may need 24/7 monitoring, it’s all too easy for caregivers to wind up working overtime, giving extra time out of the goodness of their hearts, and taking shifts even when they don’t need the money in order to take care of clients. You’re looking for an agency that is aware of these problems and has policies in place to help keep everyone sleeping regularly, taking an appropriate amount of time off, and to balance shifts when things get tight so that no one caregiver is run too ragged.


3) Never Assign Outside of Ability


Finally, one of the biggest risks and most worrying circumstances in caregiving is being asked to provide a personal or medical care service that you are not qualified for. Unfortunately, this happens far too often in caregiving because there simply aren’t enough caregivers to care for all the elderly in need. Before choosing an agency, make sure they never assign a caregiver to a client they can’t handle.


Look for agencies that wouldn’t assign a newbie to a client who needs personal or medical care and who would never leave a 90-pound caregiver alone with a 300-pound dementia patient. Inexperienced caregivers on harder missions should always be replaced with a licensed, certified, and experienced pro to take the responsible and leading role. Simply by having these policies in place, a caregiving agency shows that they are ready to make sure caregivers are trained and ready for every client they are assigned.


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At Comfort Keepers, we recognize that caregiving is the work of superheroes, but for as long as mere mortals are taking the job, it’s important to find a caregiving agency who can help you bridge the gap between helpful person and miracle worker. If you’ve been thinking about joining the caregiving career or are already a caregiver and happen to be looking for a new agency, please contact us today.