Should You Start Thinking About Hiring an Assisted Living Caregiver?


An Assisted Living Caregiver

The other day someone asked me “how would you prefer to live when you grow old? Would you move to an old age home? Or would you prefer to continue living in the same house?” I said, “neither, I would rather choose an assisted living caregiver”.


There are a lot of assumptions surrounding assisted living facilities, let’s find out what having an assisted living Caregiver is like.



Why have an assisted living caregiver?


We all value our independence and it becomes all the more important as we grow older. Although we always want to be fit, independent and be able to do things on our own, the reality is we slow down with age. Our alertness is bound to take a dip and there’s an increased risk of suffering from an ailment for which you will have to take medications.


Everyone has their priorities. Your children have their families to take care of, demanding jobs, and their own lives. It becomes difficult for them to assist their loved ones when they’re growing old with their day to day activities.


That is why an assisted living caretaker is a great choice, as you have your freedom and also someone to assist you with your daily activities when required. It’s not in home care or like a nursing facility but a community where senior citizens like you live.



There are a number of benefits of assisted living; some of them are listed here:


  • All assisted living caregiver will provide trained care around the clock. The caregiver can help you with your medications and things like physiotherapy in case you have had an operation recently. There are doctors who are just a call away in case the need arises.


  • There is a round the clock security system. This is helpful especially for patients with dementia or Alzheimer who have chances of wandering away. If your loved one is suffering from either one of these diseases then you can rest assured that there is someone watching over them.


  • Social activities like book reading clubs, movie outings and gardening are activities you can enjoy with a group of like-minded people. These activities help keep your mind refreshed and occupied. They also help avoid depression and feeling of loneliness in elderly.


  • One of the things that you may not enjoy doing when you grow old is cooking. These facilities have meal plans that cater to your needs. Special requirements about nutrition and variety are always kept in mind while making food for the elderly.


  • Physical activities usually slow down when you are older. Your caregiver will make sure that you get the required amount of physical activities to keep you strong and fit.


  • Housekeeping, laundry, and general cleaning become difficult chores to keep up with when you are aged. Your caregiver can come at the time you choose to help you with these tasks.


  • You don’t have to worry about driving when you need to be somewhere. If you want to go out but are not confident enough to do so, an assisted living caretaker will be available to drive you around, so that you can get your work done.


According to statistics, there are more than 28000 assisted living caregivers all over the United States. Genworth Financial reported that the average cost of assisted living caregiver in the state of Pennsylvania was a little lower than the national average of US and almost $1000 cheaper than its neighboring state of NJ.


If you’re approaching your golden years then it’s a great time to start planning for those years, especially if you’re not in your best health and your children live away from you.


Comfort Keepers offers assisted living caregivers to allow you or your loved one to live independently but still receive the care they require. To learn more about what an assisted living caregiver has to offer,  contact us at (877)-698-9394 today!