Senior Care Tip: Getting Your Spare Bedrooms Ready for Retirement

spare empty room in a house

Senior Care Tip: Getting Your Spare Bedrooms Ready for Retirement


Over the course of a person’s life, the purpose of a home takes on many different forms. For young people, a home is often just a place to crash between work and school. For a young family, it’s a safe private place to raise children and pets and spend time together after work. As the children grow older, the home becomes a center of operations. Homework, projects, sleepovers, and all sorts of activity fill every room and available space.


When the kids become adults and move out, a home takes on the ’empty nest’ stage with one or more bedrooms sitting completely unused, especially when your kids start staying in hotels and Airbnbs instead of taking their childhood rooms.


Rather than letting that space stand empty and unloved, you can embrace your home’s rooms and your retirement freedom to repurpose the space to something better suited to your current lifestyle and visitors. This can be an especially fun project if you’ve been looking for interesting activities to do with your senior care provider while enjoying your retirement aging in place. Here are 5 fun ways to repurpose those empty bedrooms.


1) Your Own Home Office

Having a home office is one of those luxuries that’s hard to achieve in a house full of children, but if you have a nice accessible room that’s not currently in use, this is your opportunity. A tidy room to keep your computer, printer, old work files, and personal documents in is a lovely way to furnish an extra room.


Spare bedrooms, especially smaller ones, tend to make great sunny offices, giving you a quiet place to pursue personal projects or hold phone conversations with distant friends and relatives. You can even use the closet to hold your extra gadgets or filing cabinets depending on how you like your office.


2) A Cozy Crafts Room

For some, the desk and computer are optional, but a room to hold crates and walls of little drawers full of crafts supplies are a delight beyond measure. Whether you build model airplanes and toy robots out of delicate little materials or if you prefer more homemaking style crafts like knitting, sewing, and crocheting, a crafts room could be the recreational sanctuary you never had. If you love to craft at home and are constantly stocking up on new supplies, an empty bedroom could serve you incredibly well as a craft room instead.


3) Guest Room for Overnight Visitors

Of course, you don’t have to decommission bedrooms if what you care about most is having space for visiting friends and relatives. Guest rooms are a hallmark of a hospitable home and allow you to host your guests in style and comfort.


Rather than leaving your children’s rooms as shrines to their younger selves, redecorate the room to something cozy and welcoming for modern adults. Not only will this make the guest room more inviting to visiting friends, you might be surprised how much more your returning children will enjoy a room made for adults instead of who they were as teenagers.


4) Share Units with a Friend

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t have a best friend. Many seniors have been tightly knit with a close friend for decades but that doesn’t mean you’ll wind up retiring the same way. If you plan to stay in your family home while your close friend is looking at downsizing, you might enjoy joining forces and living as roommates and friends in your home.


When you’re wondering what to do with an extra bedroom, especially if your home includes an in-law suite, consider offering it to a friend so they don’t have to move into a little apartment or a retirement home instead.


If you or your friend suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s, living together may help you both cope with this disease and all the hardships that go with it. Going through tough times with a friend can be the best remedy!


5) Play Room for Visiting Grandchildren

Finally, just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you’re done with grandparent babysitting privileges. If your grandchildren visit often and are your favorite hobby, you can redesign your spare bedroom to be the ultimate playroom and nap time space. This gives you the freedom to get creative and even work with your youngest relatives to design something really fun like a hammock bed or big rolls of paper on the walls for safe mural art.


Why live with an ’empty nest’ when there are so many other things to do with your spare rooms? You can turn them into adult-friendly guest rooms, Airbnb the space for extra cash, or redecorate into something personal and fun. If you’re not sure where to start, brainstorm with your senior care provider to see if their familiarity with your lifestyle has an insight into the perfect way to repurpose your spare rooms.


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