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How Respite Care Can Give You a Break From Caregiving


Respite Care: A Break From Caregiving


Have you been giving care to your elderly parents or grandparents for months or maybe even years and feel exhausted now? Do you feel that taking a break would help you rejuvenate yourself?


Caregiving is a highly rewarding job, but it is extremely challenging and tiresome at the same time; it may leave you mentally drained on occasion. If you often get angry and feel depressed lately, it is the right time to opt for respite care.


What is Respite Care?


Respite care services offer you the opportunity to take a break from your regular caregiving job. It helps in reducing stress, restoring energy and maintaining the balance of your life. You may opt for in-home care or just transportation assistance services. All of these options are equally good; so it depends on your needs to select the most suitable one.


In-Home Respite Care


You may speak to a relative or family member to provide in-home care services to your parents/grandparents for a brief period of time. You could also contact caregivers near you through an agency. It is very important that the caregiver is completely acquainted with the daily routine of the person who will be receiving care.


One of the major benefits of in-home care is that your seniors don’t have to move out of the house and you can personally keep an eye on the caregiver which is important for the safety of your beloved ones.


How to Find Respite Care Near You


You may either hire a caregiver by contacting a state agency or take help from your faith community, senior centers, local volunteer groups or local councils on aging. Alternatively, you can ask for help from your relative/friend, etc. who can provide senior care while you are on a break. Hired care are experienced in providing skilled medical care and other required support while friends and relatives can provide more personalized care for your loved ones. You may also consult ARCH National Respite Network for details about respite care and caregivers near you.


Medicare for Respite Care


Even though Medicare does not cover respite care, there are some programs such as long-term care insurance policies which cover some of the costs of respite care. If your respite care is the part of a hospice program, you may avail senior care in an approved facility and get 95% of the approved amount reimbursed by Medicare.


Things to Remember


Your seniors may not be open to the idea of taking in-home care from professional caregivers. You must engage them in all the discussions involving respite care. Try and convince them that respite care would help you in energizing and starting fresh.


Seniors more often get worried about their safety; thus, ensure that your seniors are completely satisfied with the ambiance and atmosphere of the home where they will be staying. Make sure that the hired caregiver is friendly and caring as per your expectations.


What Next?


Respite care doesn’t mean you are quitting your responsibilities. It offers primary caregivers only a short-term break from caregiving. Respite care can be used as a backup care plan, when a break is needed.

The caregivers at Comfort Keepers are skilled and trained in respite care. To learn more about our respite care services or any of the other care services offered, contact us today at (877)-698-9394 for more information.