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Why You Need To Consider Respite Care For Your Elderly Parents

Is Respite Care Beneficial for the Sandwich Generation?

Cynthia is 45 and a mother of three adorable kids. Her oldest is going to start college in September this year. The younger two who are twins are in high school. Both her parents and in laws are in their late sixties. Cynthia and her husband both have well paying full-time jobs.


Despite this, both of them are struggling with the burden of taking care of their aged parents and their children. And it’s just not the financial burden but also the mental stress that the sandwich generation goes through.


True to its term you are sandwiched (just like lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese between two slices of bread) between your work, your children and your aging relatives or parents. There are many people who have had to give up full time jobs or promotions in order to manage their kids and aged parents at the same time.


With the advances in the medical field, the baby boomers have an increased life expectancy. Let’s be honest here… no one wants to live with the guilt that they did not take care of their aged parents or loved ones who had cared for us when we were growing up.


A survey conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP Public Policy Institute found as of the year 2015, 44% of Americans have at least one aging parent and one child who is college going and under the age of 21.


This is close to half of the total population of the entire country. With families like Cynthia’s the burden is doubled. So what can the Sandwich Generation do in order to get some respite in a situation like this?


If you are tired, frustrated, depressed or in general stressed from all the various duties that are a part of being a caregiver then you should start examining alternatives. And thankfully, there is help available!!


  • Assisted Living: You can choose an assisted living facility for your aging parents. These are housing facilities for senior citizens who require varying levels of assistance in their daily activities. They also have the option of living with other senior citizens.


Typically these facilities are equipped with on call doctors, care givers (who help with housekeeping, daily activities, driving your parents around and helping the elderly with their groceries).


Since these facilities also house other elderly people you can be sure that your parents will not be short on companionship, and won’t feel lonely.



  • Respite Care: If you need to travel, want a break from assisting your parents for a short time, or you need to go for a short medical break then you can opt for respite care. You can opt for respite care on a regular basis like a few hours a week.


This is a short term arrangement where you get a break while your loved one is cared for by efficient and professional caregivers. You will be doing yourself a favor by keeping your sanity and keep making sure your parents are taken care of at the same time.



  • In Home care: Many care giving facilities like Comfort Keepers have in home caregivers. In home care facilities can be arranged or opted for when seniors are not capable of doing regular activities like driving, shopping etc. You can make an arrangement for caregivers to be at home to take care of your parents for specific hours either daily or weekly.


In-home caregivers help with housekeeping, cooking a nutritious meal and in keep you company so that the elders don’t feel lonely. Some in home care professionals are even medically trained to attend to your medical needs.





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