Interactive Caregiving Keeps Senior Citizens Active and Entertained

Interactive Caregiving


Interactive Caregiving Keeps Your Elderly Loved Ones Active and Entertained


There are a lot of different ways to handle elder-care, especially for older family members who would prefer to retire at home rather than moving to a senior community or in with one of their adult children.  Even if your parent or grandparent can mostly take care of themselves, many people worry about the high risks of elder loneliness, boredom, depression, and dementia that can come from an under-stimulated life. Study after study shows that seniors need just as much activity and socialization as they did when they were younger but this can be hard to do when you have less energy and mobility, or all your best friends are passing away. If you’re worried about the senior in your life not being able to care for themselves at home or getting terribly lonely, interactive caregiving could be exactly the right answer for your relative.


More Than Just an ‘Elder-Sitter’

When hiring in-home care for an elderly relative, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting. Sure, you can hire the teenager down the street to pop in and keep an eye on grandma, but the last thing you want is to hire someone who will sit silently on the couch popping gum and watching TV, waiting around to assist in a medical emergency that may never happen. If you’re going to hire help for your elderly relative, make sure that it’s someone who can serve as an interactive friend and companion rather than a silent overseer.


By hiring an interactive caregiving service, you’re getting a lot more than just ‘elder-sitting’. Someone kind and friendly will arrive regularly at your senior relative’s home to ensure that they are socializing, eating correctly, having a good time, and are able to finish all the tasks they’d like to take care of. Interactive caregivers are there to provide both companionship and a motivation for regular activity that can keep a senior healthier, happier, and more clear-minded than they would be sitting alone at home.


Going Out or Staying In

The best part about interactive caregiving is that there aren’t prescheduled and unavoidable tasks, your elderly relative will get to choose what they do with assistance and company every day. They may clean the house together, cook a meal, watch a movie, or work in the garden. Don’t be surprised if you come to visit your relative and find that they have, quite happily, rearranged the furniture and replanted the flower beds with the help of their interactive caregiver. Of course, activities at home aren’t the only options. The caregiver is also more than capable of driving your loved one around to all their favorite places like the library, senior center, their church, or even the bowling alley to ‘retire’ a few pins.


Expect to See More of Grandma

In fact, with the help of a dedicated interactive caregiver, you might even see a delightful transformation in your loved one, a renewal of energy and activity that seemed to have faded before. With the freedom to adventure and a friend to adventure with, expect to see more of your elderly relative who may come visit or host visits more often, take the kids out to the cinema, or even run into you while you’re both out shopping.


If you’re concerned about the activity level, engagement, and emotional health of a retired relative, you don’t have to cajole them into going out or worry about them staying alone at home all day. With interactive caregiving, you can provide your loved one not only with the home care support they need, but also a friend who will help them rediscover all the fun things about being retired. For more information about interactive caregiving or to consult on the right in-home care package for you or a loved one, contact Comfort Keepers today at 877-698-9394.