Interactive Caregiving Gives Your Loved One a Better In-Home Life

Interactive Caregiving

Interactive Caregiving to Give Your Loved One a Better In-Home Life


A loved one in your family may need some extra care now due to age or mobility issues, though finding this care is perhaps troubling you. The first thing likely stressing you is the idea that finding a caregiver means medical care. This is the furthest from the truth, and you should eliminate this idea so avoid creating misconceptions. Interactive caregiving means bringing help to your loved one in the home to do basic tasks for better life quality.

To make this work, it’s important to find a caregiver matched to your loved one’s personality. Here’s how this works through our caregiver service at Comfort Keepers Philadelphia.


The Importance of Active Living in Old Age

You’ll find a lot of studies proving how staying physically (and mentally) active as we age helps keep us living longer. If your loved one had a life that was used to staying engaged on a physical and mental basis, it doesn’t have to stop just because they’re aging. The misnomer the elderly have to take it easy during their sunset years has long become proven wrong.

Staying physically active is going to help increase your loved one’s strength, give them more energy, improve their balance, eliminate depression, and prevent various diseases. On the mental end, you can prevent dementia from occurring, something easily occurring if your loved one has no outlet for brain activity.


Developing the Right Interactive Caregiver Plan

When you start working with a caregiver service, you’ll get a free in-home assessment to see what your loved one’s needs are and what their personality is like.

Everyone is different, and that’s what’s so important in proper caregiving today. Far too many caregiving services don’t take the time to match up with the patient so they can stay compatible like a good friend. Not bothering with this often leads to depression in the patient in the thought they have no control over their care.

Along with personality matches, it’s essential to match based on health concerns and unique interests. The more the caregiver can understand and relate to your loved one’s health needs, the better the care involved. At the same time, knowing all their interests means the caregiver can find outlets your loved one is going to enjoy.


Activities to Stay Physically Active

Quality caregivers are going to do everything they can to keep the patient physically engaged, whether it’s going out for entertainment, or just doing fun things around the house.

Dancing has become one of the healthiest physical activities to do for older people. If your parent is still physically able, dancing with the caregiver is going to improve physical health and social connections. This can occur either at home or going out to a dance club.

Even if dancing isn’t their forte, just going out to movies or interacting with civil communities are ways to stay engaged with the world.


Activities to Stay Mentally Engaged

It can become tough for older people who had careers requiring daily intellectual engagement to have it all stop in old age. There isn’t any reason for them to not have any mental stimulation once they reach their twilight years.

They can stave off any chance of Alzheimer’s Disease by doing so, not including physical exercise as another benefit.

An interactive caregiver is always going to come up with activities that require the patient to learn something new, even if it’s something relatively simple.

Often, just letting them talk about things that make them happy keeps their mind active. Finding ways to make the patient think is going to keep their brain active longer, even if they’re in the early stages of dementia.



Contact Comfort Keepers Philadelphia at 877-698-9394 to learn more about our interactive caregiver plans. We work hard to find a caregiver matching your loved one’s lifestyle so they can connect for life.