Home Care Services and Hobbies: How to Get the Best Senior Care

senior woman and granddaughter working on a puzzle together


Your elders have done plenty to help you establish your livelihood, so show them you care by helping maintain theirs. With Comfort Keepers, your beloved can experience in-home care that will allow them to engage in healthy hobbies in the comfort of their chosen environments. Listed below are a few activities that will be sure to benefit the daily lives of your seniors, especially when combined with Comfort Keepers trusted home care services.



According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information,

Jigsaw puzzles can positively influence visuospatial cognition in adults fifty years of age an older. Visuospatial cognition refers to one’s ability to perceive visual stimuli and interact accordingly. This ability is essential to maintain because it allows individuals to make sense of their environments.


Elders who desire more brain stimulation may find these puzzles enjoyable, perhaps more so than usual when working with a companion who is prioritizing home care aid. Such companion can assist them in finding an appropriate puzzle, as well as in the completion of the puzzle. If this seems beneficial to your elder, then the companionship provided by Comfort Keepers may be the missing piece you have been looking for while working to seek the best home care options possible.


Walking With A Friend

It is no surprise that frequent walking helps maintain mobility in seniors. An article found within Harvard Health Publishing discusses the benefits of daily activities such as walking and balancing exercises, and their ability to prolong the onset of disabilities within the elderly community. If your loved one needs assistance walking, or if it makes you feel safer to have someone caring for them when you are not around as they decide to take a stroll around the block, then you have reason to consider Comfort Keepers options for assisted living in the home.



Meal prepping can create a sense of unity between two individuals, as well as a sense of accomplishment. A great social benefit of cooking is the ability to communicate effectively to create something tasty and rewarding. Your beloved should try cooking if they are looking for a fun and easy way to stay active and productive. The ability to coordinate with others in the kitchen, especially with the help of a friend, can provide your beloved with a sense of purpose which will go a long way in benefitting their health.



Few things compete with the sense of accomplishment that accompanies giving back to your community. If your elder is retired and is in search of a way to stay busy and feel needed, then volunteering is the perfect healthy activity for them. Doing so fosters a sense of community and allows for social networking, and friendly connections can positively influence your loved one’s mentality.


Giving to those in need, whether it is volunteering at a food drive or serving food at a soup kitchen, can create a sense of importance. Volunteering fosters motivation and is a sure way to keep your senior active, healthy, and happy.


Whether it is going to the store with your beloved, or walking with them around town to community events, consider in-home care to help your senior stay healthy and happy. There are many simple ways to ensure your loved one is maintaining their health. Other suggested activities are on our blog. If you’re located in the Philadelphia area and are interested in assisted living in the home to ensure your senior stays active, please contact Comfort Keepers at (877) 698-9394 to find quality in-home care that is perfect for you and your elder.