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In Home Care: Assisted Living That Helps Seniors Stay at Home

In Home Care: Assisted Living That Helps Seniors Stay at Home

Assisted Living does not have to be obtained at a facility. In-Home Care Services, like the ones provided by Comfort Keepers Philly, can help your senior loved one continue to live in the safety and security of their own home while getting the assistance they would need from a facility.

Typically, assisted-living facilities offer comprehensive care services for seniors who are no longer able to, or no longer wish to live in their home.

These facilities offer a wide range of services under one senior housing solution for adults who require some assistance but still want to maintain independence.

Assisted living is a popular solution, but many seniors prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible so that they may continue to enjoy the familiar surroundings and comfortable routine of life in their own home.

This is understandable, and with the help of in-home care, it’s possible.


Common Reasons to Seek Assisted Living

Some of the most common reasons a senior makes the move to assisted living include:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Declining vision/hearing
  • More frequent doctor visits
  • Need for more comprehensive medical care
  • Difficulty performing household tasks
  • Needs assistance with hygiene and grooming
  • Experiencing dementia or other cognitive symptoms

For those seeking an alternative to assisted living facilities, in-home care can provide all of the above.


In-Home Care Assists While You Stay at Home

In-home care aids seniors so that they may continue to live independently. The positive affirmation of continued independence not only strengthens the person’s resolve, but it helps them cope better with the obstacles they face from aging and failing health.

Often, it’s the little things that make a big difference in keeping a senior going at home.

For example, having someone around to help with household chores, or someone to run errands or take you to appointments can make all the difference in the world.

And you don’t have to go to an assisted living facility to get those services. These kinds of services can all be provided by in-home care just easily.


Individual Assisted Living Plan to Suit Your Needs

Each person has their own routine, their own issues and their own specific needs. Comfort Keepers of Philly makes custom in-home care plans that address each client’s needs specifically.

When you enlist the help of home care services, we go above and beyond the mechanical details of helping with groceries or driving you to appointments. With Comfort Keepers and our commitment to companionship, you get a partner in care.

Our in-home caregivers work closely with seniors and their families to create a full-service experience that makes your life easy to manage no matter what your obstacles and challenges.

Each and every Comfort Keeper is a qualified and experienced professional. We extensively vet our applicants, hiring only the most talented bonded and insured candidates who match our core philosophy of caregiving.

We want you to know that your comfort keeper understands your needs and is committed to provide the kind of in home care assisted living that makes your life easy to manage.

From there, your Custom Care Plan is tailored to suit your needs; it stays flexible and is fully customizable to change to your evolving situation.

In the beginning, for example, you may only need someone to come by to help with laundry or to give you transportation to regular doctor appointments.

But later, needs may change and increase. You may need help with meal preparation or you might need grooming assistance. Added onto transportation services you may need medication reminders.

All of these services are available through Comfort Keepers Philly, where our professional, caring staff help seniors stay home longer.


The Benefits Of Interactive Caregiving

Although the above services are helpful in keeping seniors cared for and living independently, these services alone are not the only benefit to care. That’s where our Interactive Caregiving service comes in.

Interactive Caregiving is a unique service provided by Comfort Keepers that is designed to enhance the in-home care experience for all our clients.

Comfort Keepers Philly understands seniors thrive when they have adequate social interaction and stimulation. But one of the problems seniors often face when living at home is isolation, creating a lack of adequate social interaction. Loneliness itself is a huge hindrance to quality health and positive living.

The dangers of loneliness are some of the main reasons why seniors move to an assisted living facility. The regular social interaction the community created by an assisted living facility helps stave off health problems and keeps cognitive abilities sharp.

Comfort Keepers are companions and partners in care. To that end, we designed Interactive Caregiving as a service to address the hazards of loneliness and decreased social interaction that comes from aging. For the seniors we attend, the daily interaction with their caregivers is an opportunity to socialize and get that vital interaction needed to stay both physically and emotionally healthy.


Routines And Consistency

One big fear people often have when it comes to hiring in-home care providers is a lack of control. Having a stranger enter your home or your life and interrupting your daily routine is a stressor that most people do not want.

This anxiety is common and understandable.

But with Comfort Keepers there is a strong emphasis on maintaining both your routine and the consistency of your life.

For example, when we create Your Custom Care Plan we will follow your traditional mealtimes. We’ll include the regular activities you want at the times you want to do them. You never have to give up control of your life in order to enjoy the help and benefits of In-Home Care from Comfort Keepers Philly.

Our team of caregivers is prepared to provide you the best possible care in a non-insruive way based on your needs and your schedule. Comfort Keepers Caregivers treat our clients like family.



If you would like to learn more about Comfort Keepers Philly and the services we provide, contact us at (877) 698-9394. Our courteous professionals are on hand to answer your questions. You can also visit our website to learn more about what we offer and how to get started.