Five Fun In-Home Care And Interactive Caregiving Activities for You!

old woman and caregiver playing board game

Five Fun At-Home Interactive Caregiving Activities


While the primary reason people will hire a caregiver for themselves or a loved on is health concerns, in many cases the biggest benefit provided by these kind-hearted professionals is companionship. Interactive caregiving is the friendliest and most engaging method of caregiving in which the goal is not just to ensure that the senior in question is healthy and safe, but also that they are active, interested in daily life, and getting plenty of socialization. Interactive caregiving can take the form of many different activities ranging from bowling parties to quietly doing puzzles together, depending on your preferences. Of course, the best interactive caregiving experiences happen when the client and caregiver work together to design fun activities that everyone will enjoy.


While you can absolutely leave the house and go on adventures, for the rainy days and times when you’d rather stay home, we have a number of fun at-home interactive caregiving activities that you can plan with your caregiver.


Cooking and Inventing Recipes

Many caregiving services involve cooking meals for the clients, something that becomes harder as your ‘standing up time’ decreases. Rather than simply accepting this as status-quo, turn supper time into an interactive activity. If you have favorite family recipes, consider teaching them to your caregiver and preparing things together. If you have to work around specific dietary requirements or restrictions, get creative and work together to invent new and delicious recipes that conform to your needs.


Working Together on Household Chores

Household chores is another major part of caregiving that varies wildly from client to client. Some people go out of their way to pick up before the caregiver arrives while others are required by necessity to let their caregiver take care of practically everything. No matter where you are on that scale, you can still work together on cleaning projects with your caregiver ranging from dusting the knickknacks to sorting the hall closet. Shared cleaning tasks are always more enjoyable, whether you can still hold a broom or your duty is to park at a table with a dusting cloth.


Dancing in the Living Room

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable and stimulating activities you can get involved with at any age, and a major benefit of working with a caregiver is that there is no need to be self-conscious. Put on some of your old favorites and boogie down as best you can in your own living room. If you really like to kick up your heels, ask your caregiver to help you push the furniture out to the walls to make an even bigger dance floor. The simple exercise and the fun of dancing will not only improve your mood, but it can also have a significant positive impact on your health if you dance often.


Storytelling and Sorting Older Possessions

Want to tell your caregiver a few stories about your history and your family? In many cases, there’s no better way to inspire this kind of interactive discussion than sorting your old possessions. From keepsakes to photo albums, there are stories in almost everything you own and working together to clean and sort it is a great opportunity to tell these stories. Once the conversation gets flowing, you may even hear a few personal stories from your caregiver as well.


Inventing a Board Game

If you’re interested in creating an activity that is uniquely mentally stimulating, board and card games have always been a good fallback, but you can do one even better by working with your caregiver. For those who have never invented a board game before, this is an incredibly fun and engaging experience involving drawing, math, writing rules, and even building your own board and pieces. A project like this could take several enjoyable weeks and is much more lively then another jigsaw puzzle.



Interactive caregiving is an important innovation in the caregiving community. It allows clients to define exactly what they want from companionship services and ensures that a peaceful caregiver-client relationship doesn’t turn stale with too much routine. Comfort Keepers can help you today! For more information about interactive caregiving or to find an activity-friendly caregiver near you, contact us today at 877.698.9394!