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Find out about In-Home care benefits for Veterans or widows of Veterans

In-Home Care for Veterans

Find out about In-Home care benefits for Veterans or widows of Veterans

Does your elderly loved one need in-home care? Are you wondering how you will pay for the kind of care that your loved one will be needing? If your senior is aged 65 and older and is a veteran or widow of a veteran then they may apply for the Special Pension Benefit. This could be the solution you are looking for to provide your elderly relative with the help they need. If you have not considered this option before or do not yet know anything about it, we would like to take some time to show you what it is and its potential benefits for you and your loved one.

Help for your aging veteran

Simply put, Special Pension benefits such as The Aid and Attendance Benefit and Housebound Benefit are ways that your aging veteran can receive assistance for in-home care. This is a great benefit to veterans that are not able to support themselves and are in need of additional assistance. If your loved one is not able to care for themselves or financially provide for themselves the help they need, this would be worth looking into to. A quality caregiver can be a difficult thing to pay for and so you will want to find adequate solutions. If your loved one is a veteran and 65 or older or the widow of a veteran then we recommend that you learn more about this beneficial opportunity.

How to qualify

  • must be veteran or widow of veteran age 65 or older
  • widow of veteran cannot have remarried
  • veteran must have served during at least one day during a period of war and had 90 days of active military service
  • veteran must not have had a dishonorable discharge
  • veteran must lack in ability to perform tasks that would require a caregiver, tasks include such things as feeding, dressing, showering, toileting, etc

If your elderly loved one meets any of the criteria listed above, then we recommend you look into the Special Pension Benefit as a way of providing care for them. Your aged veteran risked everything to serve their country and they deserve to be helped in any way possible during this stage of their lives.

Benefits of the Special Pension

Now that you have learned a little about this special pension, we would like to take some time to talk about its many benefits. The best thing about the Special Pension Benefit is the financial assistance it provides. Your loved one could qualify for over $1000 a month (over $2000 a month for couples). Comfort Keepers provides an In-Home Care service that could be covered by this benefit. This will help you rest assured that your senior is receiving quality care and you will not have to worry about how it is going to be paid for

In addition to this, your elderly veteran can receive other benefits such as hearing aid assistance, eyeglass and medical alarm systems in its Geriatric Home Care services. The benefits just keep adding up!

If you have any further questions regarding this benefit to elderly veterans, please be sure to contact us. We would love to see that your loved one receives the help they need. Comfort Keepers is in the business of providing quality care to the elderly and we want to make sure that your veteran is cared for. If you want to learn more about elder care, be sure to check out such resources as the National Institute of Health, AARP, and the PA Department of Aging.

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