End of Life and Palliative Care in Philadelphia, PA and the Surrounding Areas

We are ready to provide comfortable end of life care and assistance for your loved one during a difficult time.

To know that your loved one has a limited time to survive is nothing short of an unbearable torment. When your family member has been diagnosed with a disease which limits their life expectancy, he/she will have a strong desire to see out the rest of the days in the comfort of their home and surrounded by their family and friends. However, providing end of life care to someone who has a limited time left to live can be both physically exhausting and emotionally challenging.

We at Comfort Keepers support your loved ones and you by working with a hospice agency, palliative care provider or medical practitioner to fully meet the family’s needs. We will assist you in fulfilling the needs of the client as well as helping around the house, ensuring that you and the families cope with the situation well, both emotionally and morally, through our support.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Our primary goal through end of life care is to provide comfort and care to your loved ones which will allow them to make the most of the time they spend together. We are there to help by offering to:

  • Do laundry as need be
  • Prepare food
  • Get the house cleaned
  • Dress and bathe and provide toileting assistance to the loved one
  • Give the loved one company while you can cope with the pain alone.

Our services don’t end with the passing of a loved one. We are there to provide assistance and help to the families so that they can cope with the loss as well. Comfort Keepers are able to assist families with certain tasks, including moving belongings, organizing their personal items and in some cases, providing a shoulder to cry on if family members are in need of someone to talk to about their grief.