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How to encourage your loved one to Accept In-Home Care Help

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How to encourage your loved one to Accept In-Home Care Help

If your loved one is showing signs of age and needing help, Comfort Keepers In-Home care services may be the right option for their care. We know it is important to you that they have help. You do not want your loved one to be put in a position where they are vulnerable and can’t get the assistance they need. The question is always the same, however: how do I get my loved one to accept help? We hope we can help you find some answers and put your worries to rest.

Assure them that you know they are a capable adult

To start the conversation regarding help, the best thing to do is to begin on a positive note. Start out by assuring them that you know they are a capable adult. Do not make a big deal out of what they can or can’t do. If you do this then they will not be open to your suggestions. Instead, start by talking about their positive traits and attributions and then go into the more serious parts of the conversation. You will find a much more positive response to what you are saying.

Start out small

Introduce the idea of In-Home care slowly. Start by suggesting help with simple tasks such as shopping or helping around the house. Don’t overwhelm your loved one by introducing too much too soon. Let your loved one ease into the idea of having in-home care. This will help them get adjusted to the idea and hopefully make your job easier in the long run.

Don’t be pushy

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that well-meaning family members make is being too pushy about the topic of getting In-Home Care. Be sure that your loved one knows how you feel but don’t push the idea of having care too much. This will likely turn them off to the idea completely if you are too hooked on the idea of getting them help. There is a lot of patience required in getting your family member help and you will need to be willing to wait things out if needed.

Get help from other family members

Convincing your loved one that they need help is a tough job for just one person. If you have family members who have the same concerns for your loved one, ask for their help. Make sure you communicate often about the idea and aren’t working against each other in your approaches. It is important you work as a team and have a common purpose in what you are trying to accomplish. Just be sure you are not overwhelming your loved one with the idea of in-home care help.

Remember they are adults

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that your elderly loved one is a capable adult. Getting help needs to be their decision, so you should not pressure them into anything. Your job is to convince them they need help but not to force them into it. Be considerate of their pride and feelings.

We know you have a lot of concern for your elderly loved one and want them to get the help that they need. We want to help you with this. When it comes to the topic of caregiving, make sure you make use of the many resources available to you such as the National Institute of Health and AARP. If you have any further questions, please be sure to contact us. Comfort Keepers would love to help you along your journey with getting your elderly loved one help.

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