What does Comfort Keepers Incidental Transportation Services Offer?

Incidental Transportation Services by Comfort Keepers Philly

Do you have an elderly loved one who isn’t quite ready for daily in home care but still needs minimal help, specifically in the area of transportation? If you are considering transportation for your loved one who needs assistance, look no further than Comfort Keepers Incidental Transportation Services! Here at Comfort Keepers, we provide transportation services for the incidental needs of our clients. If you would like to know more about what the Incidental Transportation Service offers, then we would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about it. 


What Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Services Has to Offer


Comfort Keepers offers transportation services for needs such as shopping, medical/hair appointments, taking mail to the post office and any other daily incidental activity a senior might need. However, we provide more than just transportation. We also will help your loved one to the vehicle, help with things like unloading and putting away groceries and even things like showering and housekeeping. Our transportation services are a great option for your loved one who may need partial assistance but is not quite ready for a full-time caregiver. 


Examples of “incidental” transportation services


  • helping client with morning activities such as showering, dressing and making breakfast
  • transportation to Adult Day Center and around while at Day Center
  • help with simple tasks like getting a snack or using the toilet
  • assist in the community at places like the grocery store or post office
  • help with unloading groceries and housekeeping
  • help client with dressing for special events such as a wedding or graduation
  • help client with banking responsibilities
  • help with grocery shopping tasks such as gathering coupons and making a shopping list
  • assistance when being discharged from hospital with gathering belonging and transportation home 
  • help client with meal preparation
  • assist client during the holidays with such tasks as gift shopping and wrapping, writing holiday cards and writing out gift tags


What are the benefits of “incidental” transportation services?


Community interaction and involvement is good for everyone and your elderly loved one is not an exception. Giving your senior access to the community will be good for their mental health and well-being. We know your loved one’s happiness is important to you and giving them access to transportation is a great way of making sure they are getting out regularly, which will result in living a happier, more fulfilling life. Having access to the community to do regular activities will provide a way of giving your loved one a feeling of still having some control over their lives. We know that you care about your elderly loved one being able to do the things they need to do but that you aren’t always able to help them do everything. Our transportation services help you with this need. 


Comfort Keepers recognizes the needs of your elderly loved one. We would love to help you provide a better quality of life for your family member. There are many opportunities offered through our transportation services and taking advantage of it would be of great benefit for you and your loved one. If you have any questions concerning our “Incidental” Transportation Services or any of the other services we offer, be sure to contact us. Also, be sure to check out the National Institute of Health and AARP for any other questions you might have concerning elder care. 


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