Bucks County In-Home Care Services

Bucks County Pennsylvania is one of the largest counties in the state. Its population is 627,367 people with a median age of 43.8 years old. Since it is so large, people began to split the county into Lower and Upper Bucks County. Upper Bucks County includes towns in the northern portion such as New Britain, Bedminster, Tinicum, Nockamixon, Springfield, Quakertown and more.

Upper Bucks County

A fun fact about Upper Bucks County is that is named about Buckinghamshire, a county in England. It was named by William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. The area has a very rich background and contains loads of interesting historical landmarks. Including William Penn’s county estate named Pennsbury Manor.

The “Upper” part of Bucks County has practically no public transportation. In fact, the average household has two or three cars. This area of Pennsylvania is accessible for commuters to move to and work in a city like Philadelphia. This area is connected to over ten major highways, which makes it fantastic for people with cars to travel to anywhere quickly.

What happens if you cannot afford a car, or are not able bodied enough to operate one? It can be incredibly frustrating and feel suffocating not to be able to travel around. Maybe you need help doing activities such as grocery shopping, arriving at doctors’ appointments or getting a haircut. Or you could want to more involved with your community and want to visit local parks or spend time doing leisure activities.

Comfort Keeper’s Philadelphia can help you with this problem and much more you may encounter. They offer a unique type of senior care that combines companionship and in-home care that offers convenience, peace of mind, and an improved quality of life. Our Comfort Keepers can not only come to you, but can transport their clients to recreation activities, appointments, and errands.

This ground-breaking service is called Interactive Caregiving. This is a service that can only be found at Comfort Keepers Philadelphia. Our mission, since the company’s opening, has always been to provide exceptional service that goes above and beyond any of our competitors.

Our team of Comfort Keepers is a group of cherry-picked care professionals that will develop personalized Interactive Caregiving plans for each and every client. These specific programs are built on every client’s interests, skills, abilities, and their personality. The goal is to provide fun, engaging, activities that promote a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. All of this will give them a greater quality of life.

Examples of planned activities could include walking around their neighborhood, having discussions about stimulating topics, cooking healthy recipes together, and making crafts. These actions will be mentally stimulating and fun and are proven to improve the overall mood of a client who is receiving Interactive Caregiving. Senior care can be fun!

If you want only the best for you loved one, Comfort Keepers Philadelphia is the only option. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss any of our diverse care options or to schedule a free home assessment.

Lower Bucks County

Located in the Northeast of Philadelphia, Lower Bucks County is a beautiful residential area in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania. Lower Bucks County was one of the three original counties created by Williams Penn in 1682. After his creation of Philadelphia, he lived at Pennsbury Manor in Falls Township, Bucks County. Williams Penn also named many towns in Lower Bucks County after local towns in William Penn’s Birthplace, Buckingham Township, England. Lower Bucks County also had a big helping in the Revolutionary War. General George Washington and his troops camped in Bucks County before their battle in Trenton, New Jersey.

Lower Bucks County has different local attractions that could be suitable for any age, such as;

• New Hope- The streets of New Hope are filled with many different restaurants, antique shops, and art galleries. Along with its vibrant Night Life, New Hope hosts firework shows every Friday night in the summertime!

• Peddler’s Village- Similar to New Hope, Peddler’s Village is an old fashioned outdoor shopping location for families. The village hosts many different festivals and special events all year long.

• Neshaminy and Oxford Valley Mall- Take yourself on a shopping spree in one of the two malls in Lower Bucks County.

• Sesame Street Place- Bring Grandchildren or young family members to this children’s theme park that brings the television show Sesame Street to life!

• Parx Casino- This new casino is a state of the art complex that includes a casino, dance club, and many different dining options. The complex will soon include a big shopping district.

The total population of Bucks County, which includes both Upper and Lower, is estimated to be around 626,000 people, 17% of which are senior citizens. Transportation in Lower Bucks County includes many different services that could get you to your destination! The Septa Regional Rail, which can take you into Center City, Philadelphia only accommodates to the South East areas of Bucks County. Because of this, it is difficult for many to reach all of the fun activities and destinations that they are trying to go to! The Regional Rail may be too far of a walk, or it may not take you close enough to the destination that you are trying to reach. Our caregivers at Comfort Keepers can help you or your loved one not miss out on all of the fun activities that Lower Bucks County has to offer!

Comfort Keepers can provide you with assisted living services that can help you reach your destination and stay involved in the community of Lower Bucks County! Our caregivers will act as companions to your loved ones and will help them live the best life possible. Our services in Lower Bucks County range anywhere from interactive caregiving to transitioning home services to in-home care. Our caregivers are committed to helping you or your loved one enjoy all that Lower Bucks County has to offer! If you would like to speak to one of our caregivers or learn more about our services, contact us at (877) 698-9394.