10 Engaging Activities to Mix Up Your In-Home Care Services (Part 2)

Engaging Activities

10 Engaging Activities to Mix Up Your In-Home Care Services (Part 2)


Welcome back to the second half of our two-part series on how to liven up your in-home care activities! Professional caregivers are generally cheerful, helpful people who are ready to join you in almost any home activity you can think of, but it’s all too easy to form a routine and get into a rut. But who wants to have a boring retirement? When work is finally over and you can relax at home, having fun can be what your retirement is all about, and you don’t have to stop having a good time just because you need a little help getting around the house. Even if you prefer to stay in one place most of the day, there are still plenty of fun, interesting, and engaging things to do with your caregiver.


Making Caregiving Fun

Spending time with your caregiver doesn’t just allow you to keep up with your home chores and take care of yourself after age starts to take its toll. You, in fact, have a unique opportunity to share your experiences, tell all your favorite stories and jokes they haven’t heard before, and think of new adventures. Last time we covered activities like singing songs, holding a garage sale, and building a photo album and in the second half, we’ve got even more fun suggestions for enjoyable afternoons together.


6) Inventing New Recipes

As you age, your stomach ages with you. Most of us notice around 25-30 that we can’t eat like teenagers anymore and the metabolism changes again several more times throughout adulthood. Every pregnancy can shift how and what you need to eat and retirement age is yet another change. While some of your old favorite recipes may be ‘off the table’ these days and you might not do your own cooking anymore, but that doesn’t mean that meal prep can’t still be fun. Rather than settling for the same old healthy menu, start experimenting with your caregiver to invent new, delicious recipes that conform to your current diet best practices. You might even come up with a new family favorite.


7) Reading Books Aloud

Books have long since been a fantastic source of personal entertainment, and you don’t have to just enjoy them quietly on your own. If your eyes are going, ask your caregiver to read a recent publication, one of your old favorites, or something you’ve been meaning to get to aloud in the living room. You can engage and discuss the book or lay back and enjoy the story. Alternately, if you’re still an avid reader, you can take control of the pages and do your best audio-book impression by doing all the voices and getting your caregiver engaged in the story.


8) Playing with Pets

Elderly people often have pets to keep them company. These are often well-mannered smaller animals who can be cared for fairly easily at home by you, occasionally visiting family, or your caregiver. Other than sitting on your lap and helping you with table scraps, your pets can also be a wonderful source of entertainment. Cats who will jump for the feather stick, dogs who will learn tricks and play fetch and even gerbils in hamster balls can be a great deal of fun to play with, especially with your caregiver there to help fish the hamster ball out from under the couch from time to time.


9) Visiting Relatives or Hosting Visitors

Hiring a caregiver by no means needs to represent the end of your social life. You can absolutely ask them to drive you to a community center or the home of friends and family you’d like to visit. You can babysit grandchildren together, introduce your caregiver to old friends, or even host card games in your home with the help of your caregiver to tidy the place up and make snacks.


10) Teaching a Useful Skill

Of course, most of our suggestions have been for things that might only take one or two afternoons. For an entire year of fun cooperative activity, you can leverage your years of experience to teach your caregiver a skill their parents didn’t know or have the time. Things like sewing or knitting, shop work, or how to fix old cars are all skills that have mostly fallen by the wayside but are still incredibly useful in the modern day.


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