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Seven of the Most Popular and Essential Magazines for Senior Care

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No matter your age, there is a magazine for it. With each age group, there are stories, tips and promotions that provide answers to questions you don’t want to ask others about as well as to help stay on top of the latest trends. The same goes for seniors. And even though there are digital versions of the magazines, seniors still value print. They want to be able to take the magazine where ever they want and not worry if their tablet goes on the fritz. These magazines are great resources for senior care, home care nutrition, finances, home care solutions, hobbies, exercise and more. There are tons of magazines geared towards older adults. But who has time to check out each one? We’ve narrowed down the list to seven magazines that are worth their subscription.

Seven Popular Senior Subscriptions

  1. Prevention – Knowing how our bodies age is one the factors to staying healthy. Prevention provides timely information on the health issues affecting seniors as well as exercise, diet, and medications. It’s known for taking a holistic approach to wellness.

  2. Reader’s Digest – For over 95 years, Reader’s Digest has provided positive stories and helpful information for readers around the world, for all groups. It also has a large-print edition and audio-versions of the magazine.

  3. Today’s Senior Magazine – There’s a focus on the past, but not as heavy as in Reminisce and Gold Old Days. The magazine also provides information on current issues and events for seniors. Bonus – coupons and valuable promotions!

  4. Reminisce – This unique magazine brings “back the good old days.” Seniors will find stories and images from the 1920s to the 1980s. This magazine is a great conversation starter and triggers memories, which can be helpful for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  5. Gold Old Days – Like Reminisce, this magazine focuses on memories from the 1930s and onward. There’s a mixture of stories and images submitted by readers as well as vintage ads, recipes, and comics. Bonus – there’s a free-trial issue!

  6. AARP – Everyone knows of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). This non-profit group provides many resources for seniors, including the AARP The Magazine. The magazine spotlights notable seniors and offers information on a number of areas including nutrition, family, finances, career, and health.

  7. Active Over 50 – This magazine is locally published in San Francisco-South Bay (CA). Each issue features the profile of an active senior. The staff actively searches for those who are doing interesting things to have achieved a great accomplishment – they love to hear from their readers! The topics are designed to enrich the lives of people over 50.

A Home Care Resource

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