In-Home Caregiver Tip: 8 Amazing Conveniences for Modern Seniors

woman talking on cellphone while riding motorized senior scooter down the sidewalk


8 Amazing Conveniences for Modern Seniors


Just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you have to fall behind the technological curve. In fact, modern tech is making retirement more enjoyable and convenient every day. While they may still be working on the robots that can landscape and clean, the continual race toward niche-filling services and tiny, wireless, intelligent devices, everything you need from entertainment to help cooking dinner is only a few clicks away. You only have to know where to look.


1) Video Chat

Most older people remember the time in which it was nearly impossible to get distant relatives on the phone, usually because they didn’t spend that much time on the phone in the first place. However, the age of communication has changed all that and online video chat most of all. Now you can talk to your grown children, see your grandkids, and even say hello to distant family pets through the computers and devices everyone uses all the time now.


2) Smart Homes

Smart homes are the modern way to quickly integrate IoT (Internet of Things) wireless and programmable devices with voice-controlled AI assistants. By combining a smart home hub with compatible devices like light bulbs, thermostats, and coffee makers, you can control almost every electrical aspect of your home from the comfort of your chair. We encourage you to do some online research to find the smart home devices that best suit your lifestyle from gardening to security.


3) In-Home Care Services

Wherever your smart home can’t help you, an in-home caregiver can. The modern economy has a service for absolutely everything including things you can no longer comfortably take care of on your own. Just as you would call a professional to clean your gutters or repair your roof because you’re no longer steady on a ladder, you can also call a friendly assistant to help you with live-in caregiving services such as cook meals, keep up with household chores, and assist with the more challenging aspects of personal care. Really, an in-home caregiver can help in any way you want and are comfortable with.


4) Lift Counters

For seniors who have made the transition to a wheelchair due to physical weakness or a specific medical condition, you can still age comfortably in place with all the convenience of a handicap-accessible abode. With just a little bit of kitchen remodeling, you can now equip all your counters, and even the cabinets, sink, and stove with lifts that can move up and down between wheelchair and standing height depending on who’s cooking.


5) Electric Scooters

Walking is something that is incredibly healthy for seniors but only for as long as it’s comfortable. Fortunately, you can still enjoy a day out running errands or socializing at local events without having to retreat to a chair with the help of electric scooters. These allow you to get off your feet at events, increase your carrying capacity for tasks like grocery shopping, and serve as a form of entertainment for small children.


6) Sharing Economy

Where the smart home takes care of your electronics and in-home care helps you take care of daily tasks, for everything else there is the sharing economy. From renting out your spare bedroom to hiring local college students to clear your gutters, the sharing economy can allow you to both make spare cash with minimal effort and things you’re not using and find unusual friendly neighborhood services.


7) Chair Lifts

For seniors who live in multi-story homes, the need to take care of the house and travel between floors can become both exhausting and uncomfortable. If going up and down flights of stairs has gone beyond something you’re willing to do every day, the installation of a chair lift can provide a delightfully technological option for getting up and down the stairs.


8) Mini Drones

Have you ever wanted a little bird to sit on your shoulder, a remote control helicopter, or a toy your pet will chase and play with for hours? A mini-drone can be all of these things. The cute little plastic quad-copter toys may not be ready to airlift you your slippers yet, but they are a lot of fun to be had from the comfort of your favorite chair. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or just like to torment your kitty, mini-drones are one of the best toys on the market and who says seniors can’t have a little fun?



The modern world is rife with ways to improve your retirement experience and tech-savvy seniors know exactly how to live that dolce vita on a surprisingly modest budget. For more tips and tricks for how to enjoy your retirement with in-home care, contact Comfort Keepers Philadelphia today by calling us at 877-698-9394!