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10 Engaging Activities to Mix Up Your In-Home Care Services (Part 1)

Engaging Activities

10 Engaging Activities to Mix Up Your In-Home Care Services (Part 1)


One of the most important parts of in-home care services is companionship. When you’ve lived your life, gone and done all the exciting things, and have begun to wind down, it’s easy to start finding your life just a little boring.


Many retirees hire in-home care services as much for the company as for the help around the house and with personal care. Of course, even if your caregiver is a cheerful, sweet person who’s always ready to hold a conversation and take part in an activity, there are only so many jigsaw and crossword puzzles you can do before you start to crave something new.


Fun and Engaging In-Home Care


Of course, one of the best parts of having an in-home caregiver on your side is the opportunity to work together on making your retirement more exciting, engaging, and full of new conversations every day. The key is to get creative, pull resources from your long and colorful past, and take the opportunity to show your caregiver a thing or two about how to pass the time in a way only someone who was born before home televisions can do.


1) Teaching and Singing Songs

Singing has been a favorite human pastime for thousands of years. From the church hymns to sea shanties, there’s no better way to bring two or more people together in literal harmony than in song. Depending on the size of the generational and culture gap between you and your caregiver, the two of you may know two completely different sets of songs and can pass the days teaching each other and singing old favorites.


2) Swapping ‘War Stories’

There’s nothing quite like a semi-competitive storytelling conversation, especially if the memories are long enough ago that nothing counts as gossip anymore. From love stories to comparing ‘best’ injuries to tales of misspent youth, you and your caregiver can have a grand old time seeing who has lived the most interesting life. Of course, with a few decades head start, you may have a distinct advantage in the storytelling department.


3) Sorting Closets into Keepsakes and Junk

Over the years, every home builds up a number of boxes and closets full of items you don’t use anymore. Some of them are precious keepsakes, reminders of favorite memories, and things you’re holding onto for relatives while others are old appliances and junk you’ve never gotten around to tossing. With the help of the younger back and shoulders of your caregiver, you can finally sort through these collections to determine what is truly trash or treasure.


4) Planning a Garage Sale or Charity Donation

Of course, once you’ve sorted out a few boxes of things you don’t need or want anymore, there’s the decision of what to do with it all. Why toss it all back into the attic when you can find it a new home with someone who might want it?


If you don’t have your heart set on charity donation, you can always plan a garage sale with your caregiver. This can give you a great opportunity to sit in a sunbeam chatting with neighbors and make a little pocket money from items you don’t have a use for.


5) Putting Pictures into Photo Albums

Going through old photo albums is a classic in-home care pastime as you can show your caregiver how you looked years ago and point out all your favorite friends and family who appear in the images. You can laugh about how much your children changed (or didn’t) when they grew up and marvel at how quickly grandchildren grow.


However, you’re not limited to already arranged photo albums. If you have Envelopes of unfiled pictures, you can go through them together and arrange a few new albums for yours and your family’s enjoyment.


Thank you for joining Comfort Keepers for the first half of our two-part series on fun and engaging ways to pass the time with your in-home caregiver. But don’t stop now!


We have five more great suggestions for relaxing and enjoyable ways to entertain yourself and your companion in peaceful months ahead. If you live in the Philadelphia, PA area and would like more information on how to hire a friendly in-home caregiver for yourself or a relative, please contact us online or call 877-698-9394 today!